Friday, August 21, 2009


Mark you calendar this year for October 17th. Gear up for another fantastic ride.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Congrats to the follow riders for the completion of the 2008 Breezer True Hilly Hundred.

Jonathan Swain, Joe Kukolla, David Williams, Zack McBride, Mike Sharp, and Steve Godbey.

It was yet another awesome ride. It started off with a bang by being almost run down by a small herd of sheep in the first 7km. Then back in the middle of nowhere a huge tree branch just about took out everyone as it fell just feet in front of the group.

So after all that along with 5 flats, a loose bottle cage, and a quick lunch stop at Subway it was just under an overall 8hr day total. It was 6 1/2hrs of actually riding, 110 miles, 18 official climbs, and 7,700 ft. of climbing.

Less then a year to go to next years event. Be sure to mark you calendars now. Here are some photos.

Breeze On

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Last chance is this Saturday. Looks like the weather should be ok. It also appears that we we will have a good size group so come out and join us. We will plan to meet at 9am at the Starbucks in Martinsville.

Breeze On

Monday, October 13, 2008


I'm starting to not like my odds on being able to complete my own ride. Last weekend once again included a DNF. How can it be that on this ride if something is wrong it finds a way to completely fail during one 6hr ride.

This Saturday Swain, Joe Kukola, and myself set out on the Breezer True Hilly Hundred. Everything was going quite well for the first 50km, but slowly Swain's rear shifter started to give away and got to the point where it would just continually jump all around anytime he would put pressure on it such as on a climb. He continued on for a while and dealt with, but upon arrival on Bear Wallow and thought of the climbs still to come he decided he had enough and couldn't keep going on like that. So once again another failed attmept which makes 3 out of 6. 50%!

Well here we go. This Sunday will be the Mini and the following SATURDAY (October 25th) will be the last Breezer True Hilly Hundred of the year. So get ready and come on out. We will hopefully be able to complete it this time. Make sure your stuff is in good working order. Don't worry though nobody will be left behind.

See you then,
Breeze On

Was able to collect Altimeter data till Bear Wallow: 104km in was 4800ft. That leaves 70km and 6 climbs so it could be well over 6000ft of climbing in this ride.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


First chance to ride is this Saturday at 9am from the Starbucks in Martinsville. Is anyone riding it? I don't want to be the only one and I want to know if I should wait for anyone. Please just list a comment.

However if you struggling between days it looks like the big day will be on the 25th. That is the day I'm trying to get everyone out on. We will see.

I'm still going to be doing it the next three weeks, maybe even the following weekend as well. So just let me know if I should plan on meeting you.

Breeze On

In the Beginning....

In a land far, far, far, to close and time not so long ago two Marian College Sophomores thought it would be a good idea to take everyone on a ride called the Hilly Hundred. Except they would be going the week after the real ride since the real ride had fallen on the colleges fall break and everyone had dispensed for the break. This one ride would become one of the best adventures of my whole college cycling career and would become what is now known as the Breezer True Hilly Hundred.

Brian Vaughn and Jake Rytlewski as freshman had rode the hilly hundred as freshman and had so much fun doing it that the following year they wanted to take everyone else on the ride. They were two proud men who though it was no problem that they had never had ridden down there since that ride, and had no maps. They figured they would be able to find their way around by using their memory and the markings that should still be on the road. Which of both turned out to be no good and washed out.

One of the earlier stories began the night before the ride with a few riders catching an intoxicated Tucker Brown roaming and finally sleeping in the hallway into wee hours of the morning. I truly certain he was the happiest when the day finally ended.

The ride was going well for the first 3 miles and was very familiar. To this day I still have no idea where exactly we went wrong, where we ended up, how we got where we were, even where we were for that factor, and how we even got back, but it all ended up working out in the end.

This ride had to highlights, well I guess one was a low light. First the low light. I wish I knew what road we were on at the time because I wouldn't mind revisiting, but like I've stated before I have no idea where it is. From what I remember we were cruising down this hill fast, and the only people that knew they were lost were Brian and Jake, and everyone noticed a sign they have never seen before 'Road Ends in Water'?? What could this possibly mean? Well we continue to fly over this little riser and right in front of us a few hundred meters is the road we are on that just so happens to turn into a boat launch. Everyone immediately slows, of course except for Brian who many of us that was going, until he finally decided to hit the brakes and stop resting his front wheel at the edge of the water.

So Brian and Jake admit they are totally lost and ask some locals getting ready to go out canoe. I don't think they were from around there either, but were happy to give us their map of Indiana. You know the kind that you know where I-65 is in relationship to Bloomington. The smallest roads on the map our state highways. Anyways this was all we need to continue on our ride and for Brian and Jake to go oh yeah, not a problem we just have to go this way and like this and we will be done.

So of course back up the hill we just bombed down which was the first of a few hills we went down just to go back up again which led to some unhappiness, or at least misery for the hung over Tucker.

The highlight of the ride as finding 'The Dirt' Road Climb. As we are heading down a pave road we notice a farmer on the right he tells us that we aren't going to make it up that road. That sounded like a challenge to us and we screamed straight up that road. It was an awesome dirt road climb that we all loved, and luckily enough found it again a few years later and have enjoyed it ever since.

Some how we meandered around the country side for a bit longer back tracking only a few times and finally made it back to the car. Ever since we have tried to get down and have a fun enjoyable ride. That is why I created the Breezer True Hilly Hundred. I take roads that many of us don't ride a lot, make it a challenge with the distance, and just try to have a good time during it. So come and join and maybe you will have a story or two to go back with.

Breeze On

Sunday, October 5, 2008